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Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation
Official 2024 Calendar   


IGRF is proud to present a 13 month calendar including a 12 month single page calendar insert.   In a sense you will receive two calendars for the price of one:   the full calendar plus the 12 month insert!  Both are presented in full color!!!  This calendar is chock full of Italian Greyhound photos that are GORGEOUS!!!!   In addition to IG photos are pictures of people's other pets.   IG folks love a wide circle of other pets and you won't believe the variety of animals that are celebrated in this calendar.  Also included are two pages devoted to IGs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   These dogs are so loved and will remain in our hearts forever!!!   This is a calendar chock full of LOVE!!!!!

The price will be $12 per calendar.   Shipping within the USA is free.   Your calendar will be shipped by Susan Frumerie Pretto...who does an outstanding job!!!!    Please click below on either the "One Only" PayPal icon or on the "Two or More" PayPal icon.    The great news is that your calendar payments will go straight to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation account.   Because of your orders.....MANY little guys will receive the veterinary care that they need!!!!!!   

If you prefer payment via check, please write directly to Judy Longhouse and she will send you directions for ordering via check.  Judy's e-mail address is:


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