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Holiday Hound Fantasies
European Style

by Lotje and Friends


to Benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation!!!


Unique Items Being Offered

Listed below you will see photos of  UNIQUE holiday items and gifts.  All of them are beautiful and the overwhelming majority of  them were created by an Italian Greyhound’s best friend in The Netherlands, Lotje Van Hengel.   Over the past several months Lotje was inspired by the “The Xmas Season Ghost” and also by wonderful people like YOU who love Italian Greyhounds and care about the little guys in rescue.    She decided that she would provide you with everything a true dog lover might like to decorate with over the holiday season….HOUND STYLE!!!!  


​We've entered the second phase of the Holiday Hound Fantasies where all items that are still available have been marked with a set price.  The people who purchased “fantasies” are being given given the opportunity to purchase any of the remaining items at our set price on a first come, first served basis.    Postage will not be included…so the next 21 people will have the chance to purchase an item of their choice and the cost of shipping will be based on the US Postal Service exact cost of shipping the item to their own unique geographic location AND AN INVOICE WILL BE SENT TO YOU.  (Rescue will make no profit on shipping!).   Also…no one will be obligated to purchase anything if the shipping costs are too much.  


We hope that you have as much fun participating in this fantasy as Lotje did creating it!!!! 


P.S. Also…IGRF wants you to know that Lotje is DONATING everything shown above to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation.   She even paid for all international shipping costs!!!  100% of your fantasy purchases will go to directly help a dog!!!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PARTICIPATING!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!

Please email your purchase requests to Judy Longhouse at



3 Original 12” x 15.5” Angels on Wire Painting  Signed and Dated by the Artist. $45

This is a unique original painting using a modern mixed media technique by the artist, Carole Short, and dated 2004.   Measurements are approximately:  12” x 15.5”.   It is in like new condition, and is both gorgeous and heartwarming .   This painting is appropriate to grace any home during the holidays and/or any day of the year!!!   $45 (JL)


10 Bear Design Bag $10
(The Original) bags and accessories are handmade from strong, high quality leather from India.  Bear Design bags will last for years because of the use of robust leather and a perfect finish.   Because of the way the leather is processed, no two bags are the same.  The BEAR DESIGN brand has been a leader in the Netherlands since 1993, but also internationally, for example in Germany.  This is a lightly used Bear Design ORIGINAL Handbag made in the Netherlands.   It measures:  5” x 9” when closed.  Inside are all sorts of handy pockets.   The quality of leather is EXCELLENT! $10  (JL)


12 NEW Ladies Bucket Hat with Colorful IGs & Denim Brim by Lotje … $25
This hat speaks for itself.It is lovely!(JM)

Size large (57-58 cm) $25


13 NEW Ladies Bucket Hat with IGs & Poppies + Denim Brim… $20
This hat speaks for itself.It is lovely! (JM)

Size small (54-55 cm) $20

14 NEW Do It Yourself 37” x 54” Unusual Sturdy denim Italian Greyhound Fabric (JM) $30

16 NEW Do It Yourself Holiday IGs on Blue Denim Fabric 38” x 55” (JM) $42.50


17 NEW SOFT Fleece Warm Inifinity Shawl with Holiday IGs 14” W x 73” Circumference (JM) $30
If there is one thing Lotje knows (besides dogs), it’s fashion.   She spends a lot of time in Paris and we all know that Paris is the fashion hub of the world.   This is a fleece circular shawl that is meant to be worn around the neck.   During the winter months…this shawl is not only fashionable but WARM.  On one side is a fleece fabric soft as mink fabric that displays a holiday design of 2IGs within an ornament. (This is the same IG design in fleece that is on the IG blue denim fabric).  On the inside is a lovely fleece bone design that contrasts beautifully with the IG fabric and does not cause the shawl to appear busy.   I tried this on and love it!  Measurements are:  14” wide by a 73” circumference.   3 cheers for Lotje! $30


45 2 New Cotton/Canvas Dish Towels Design of Pico and Bella, both rescued IG's!! 15” x 23” (JL) $20


Lotje in Holland with a shipment of Fantasy items!


33 6 IG Angels Cotton Placemats with Special Ribbed Backing to Lay Flat  12” x 17.5”.
Roll them up for small storage and they will unroll and stay flat! $45

an Italian Greyhound's best friend in the Netherlands!!!

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