This year we are not offering our usual calendar. There are several reasons for this....all related to the current covid-19 pandemic. However, thanks to Patricia Sands of Paltec Solutions (our wonderful publisher), we are offering this large 11" x 17" one page calendar instead. Patricia asked me to select 24 of my favorite IG photos over the years. The idea is to make you smile whenever you look at the calendar. It is my opinion that the selected photos certainly fill that bill!!! Take a close look at the photos. Several of you will find your own dogs in those pix!!!!!


This is a calendar offered with lots of love. Patricia Sands of Paltec Solutions is DONATING these calendars to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation. In addition her company is handling all the shipping and will take responsibility for all shipping expenses. She is hoping that we will be able sell 250 of them because that will reduce the cost of shipping significantly. Paltec Solutions is a business with real HEART!!!!​

2021 IG Calendar - Qty 1

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