Lotje's Special Holiday 


(38 items...mostly jewelry)

with LOVE from The Netherlands

to Benefit the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation!!!

In these hard times with so many IGs entering Italian Greyhound Rescue, financial support is essential to help them on their way to a loving home.   In order to provide for their expensive medical needs:   HERE IS A SPECIAL EUROPEAN LOTTERY!!!   At stake is not what you win, but your support for the little ones.


Question:   What is there to win for your support?:   Answer:  Lotje’s collection of 25 years of jewelry along with a few other UNUSUAL & beautiful items!  For example....among MANY other things, there is an absolutely gorgeous real silk scarf in a rich cream color.  A wide range of jewelry from wooden beads, holiday jewelry up to Rodrigues Otazu or Reminiscence will be made available.   This jewelry will be colorful, different, surprising and ATTRACTIVE!!!

The first prize is an 18K rose gold IG head with real sapphire eyes necklace, second is a sterling silver IG head with real sapphire eyes necklace and third prize is a sterling IG head silhouette on agate necklace
created by another artist.  

These IG heads were sculpted -and signed- by Lotje 25 years ago and there are only about 30 of these produced in the world! The value of the golden necklace alone is over $200.


Unlike the last Dutch Lottery….you will not personally choose your item.    Lotje will execute a totally random drawing in the Netherlands on December 5th….and the lucky winners will be sent their items in a special surprise Dutch holiday box!!!  All the boxes are identical and neither Lotje nor Judy will know what is in each box!   Everything is RANDOM!    We will be as surprised as you about who the lucky winners of the top three prizes may be!!!   


Suggested Minimum Donation for lottery tickets are:   $4.00 per ticket or $25 for 7 tickets.  Every penny of your ticket money will be donated directly to the Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation!  It is possible to win MORE than one item!!!  The more tickets you acquire....the better your chances of multiple wins!!!   


Ticket sales end on December 3rd.  The actual drawing will take place on December 5th.


 Imagine the excitement you will feel when your lucky win is under the Xmas tree, while your fantasy takes you on a wild trip wondering what the contents might be…..........................


And how warm your heart will feel with the true holiday feeling of giving when you open your package and find a lovely European item.   If it is not to your liking… join the Dutch tradition of passing it on to some one else you know who may just love it!!!!   

an Italian Greyhound's best friend in the Netherlands!!!

Please note, you will see a lot of dog clothing when you go to our store. Scroll to the bottom of the page, choose "Load More" and the option to choose Lottery Tickets will show.

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